01. The savannah is the supreme [domain] of the African lion.
02. Chimpanzees in the wild have been observed using different objects to make tools, a skill previously thought to be the exclusive [domain] of humans.
03. Opposition members are suggesting that information regarding corporate donations to political parties should be in the public [domain].
04. Frodo and Sam had entered the [domain] of the Dark Lord, and were determined to continue their journey until the ring of power was destroyed in the fires of the mountain where it was made.
05. The fairies made a plan to enter the [domain] of the pixies, and capture their princess as she danced on the flower tops.
06. When you enter the [domain] of the mountain gorilla, you have to be very respectful of the animals, and not scare or provoke them.
07. Teaching in elementary school remains largely the [domain] of women in our society.
08. Parachuting, once the [domain] of soldiers or daredevils, has become a popular hobby for thousands of people in this country.
09. We have to choose a good [domain] name for our website.
10. Albert Einstein was without peers in the [domain] of physics.
11. A Mongolian proverb notes that once you have locked your door, you are the emperor in your own [domain].
12. We bought a .com [domain] name for our company over the Internet.
13. The [domain] name for my favorite search engine is ""
14. All of the network computers beginning with the same IP address are on the same [domain].
15. Dave is responsible for all of the servers in one [domain], but not for the rest of the network.
16. Experts in the [domains] of both psychology and sociology are being asked to contribute to the discussion.
17. Mahatma Gandhi once said, "I am not built for academic writings. Action is my [domain]."

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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